L i s p h a c k e r . c o m

Nevermore is a TI Explorer LispM microcode emulator, similar to Daniel Seagraves' Meroko. This was my first major Common Lisp project, dating back to November 2003, and "finished" in November 2005.

The Nevermore system is a simulator for the Explorer I (Raven) microcoded CPU and some of the related peripheral hardware (NuPI board for hard disk support, System Interface Board for partial screen and keyboard emulation, Memory boards etc.) It is capable of at least partially booting a Lisp world, but no further development has taken place since that milestone was achieved.

You will need a set of ROM and disk images in order to use this emulator. These images are not available from this site, nor will I help you locate them. You may be better off with Brad Parker's CADR emulator, for which disk images and system and microload sources are provided.


All screenshots were taken by dumping the contents of the SIB framebuffer; actual display code has since been integrated, but the display window is too large to show on my monitor.

frameimg.bmpThe first screenshot produced.
frameimg2.bmpThe same, oriented correctly.
frameimg3.bmpNow detecting a NuBus card.
frameimg4.bmpShowing a readable error message.
frameimg5.bmpFailing the SIB extended diagnostics.
frameimg6.bmpFailing the SIB extended diagnostics, part II.
frameimg7.bmpFailing the SIB extended diagnostics, part III.
frameimg8.bmpFailing the SIB extended diagnostics, part IV.
frameimg9.bmpShowing the boot menu.
frameimg10.bmpThe "menuboot" menu.
frameimg11.bmpEntry to the standalone diagnostics.
frameimg12.bmpGDOS failing to boot.


nevermore-9f1015.tgzReleased 2005 October 15th
nevermore-9e0525.tgzReleased 2004 May 25th
nevermore-9e0311.tgzReleased 2004 March 11th
nevermore-9e0304.tgzReleased 2004 March 4th
nevermore-9d1206.tgzReleased 2003 December 6th
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