L i s p h a c k e r . c o m


Herein are some of the projects that I've worked on or am working on, along with a brief description.


Nevermore is a TI Explorer LispM microcode emulator, similar to Daniel Seagraves' Meroko. This was my first major Common Lisp project, dating back to November 2003, and "finished" in November 2005. It boots the Lisp environment at least partially, but doesn't do much beyond that.


CLXS is the initial design notes and partial implementation of an X server in Common Lisp. It runs on SBCL only, and only implements enough of the protocol for xlsatoms to function semi-correctly.


PRETZIL stands for PRETZIL Realizes Emulation of The Z-machine In Lisp. It is a simple example of a zcode interpreter.


Lh-usb is a set of Linux usbfs bindings for writing user-mode USB drivers in SBCL.

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